Work Space Mumbai

Photographs of people at work

The upturned anthill shaped Mumbai city is home to hard-working people drawn from all over India. Together they put in more hours at work than anyone else in the country. Making the city, the country's financial powerhouse. Here are a few images of people in the city streets and off it, at work. 
Roof Cleaners. Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport 
A Mumbai Taxi waits for customers on the Eastern Express Highway. Mumbai's taxis are mostly driven by immigrants from North India 
Mill / Yarn worker. Mumbai fortunes rose with cotton trade. It used to be one of the largest employers in early 20th century Mumbai. Now only a few remain.
Mumbai is home to the Hindi and Marathi film industry. Popularly known as Bollywood, it's India's biggest cultural export. Here's a boy working as an extra in a set, striking a pose. 
A large part of the city's workforce work from homes or small workshop like this sculptor who works from a small, illegal home-cum-shed adjoining the busy  Western express Highway. 
Two light boys at work in an ad film set
Two chefs. The first, a Michelin Star chef who set up a restaurant in a 5 star hotel and the other, in a local biryani restaurant. 
Outside the Mahalaxmi race course, a man sells books about the season's race horses
A painter waits for customers. Outside major bus stops and railway stations in Mumbai are informal job markets where people who provide services like painting and plumbing wait. 
On the streets of Mumbai work thousands of people who work as acrobats, soothsayers and people who flog themselves like this man. 
And here are a few among the millions who work in air-conditioned glass cages and high-rises that make up the city's impressive skyline.  

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