Tattoos Vs. Wounds. Fishermen of Palk Straits.

These photographs were shot as part of an assignment for the newsmagazine Tehelka. The story was about Indian Fishermen being shot by Sri Lankan Navy.

Tattoos Vs. Wounds
Sri Lankan soldeirs
In Tehelka, Rohini Mohan investigates why 72  Indian fishermen have been shot by the Sri Lankan Navy in the past six months and yet keep going back to the same strip of sea. 

In the over fished  waters of the Palk Straits between India and Sri Lanka, Indian fisherman have to fish in Sri Lankan waters. They have left no useful life alive on the Indian side. Similarly, Sri Lankan Fishermen also venture into certain places in the Indian waters for long-line fishing. However, the way they treat the Navy patrolling the water treat them differently. The Indians have wounds... the Sri Lankans are well-fed and have tattoos. 

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