Bangalored - Portraits of immigrants in Bangalore

bangalored. A photostory about immigrants in bangalore, india

Bangalored adj. (said of a corporation, project, or employment) having been relocated to India; having lost business or employment due to such a relocation. (

Bangalore is a city in South India and one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. While software and other jobs from the West have been relocated to the city, there's more to the city than just high technology software jobs and back office operations.

The city is a good example of any city in a developing country. It's a magnet for millions of people moving to cities and engines of growth from rural areas. Here are a few photographs of people who made that move from different parts of India to Bangalore.   
Name:  Zia-ur-Rahman a.k.a. Zia ManipuriFrom:  Manipur. He's been in Benglur for 3 years Occupation: Butcher 
He loves his job, has an eye for style and loves Bangalore. He misses home and says that he would love to go to Manipur for a holiday later this year.
Name:  PhantooshFrom:  BiharOccupation: Student 
He's been in Benglur for 2 years now and lives with his fatherwho works as a tailor. The rest of the family is back home in Bihar. Phantoosh studies at the local English medium school, where he also learns Kannada.
Name: Jeevan

Occupation: Security Guard

Originally from: Guwahati, Assam. (In Benglur for the last 6 months.)
Tibetan traders. The numbers mark the area each trader can occupy. Tibetans came to South India as refugees after the Chinese occupation of Tiber and is now their home away from home.
Name: Muneer
From: Mangalore
Occupation: Helper at a dry fish trader's godown
In Benglur for 2 years.
Like Bangaloreans, people from Mangalore are multi-lingual. Muneer says that even though his first language is Tulu, he reads and writes in Kannada and can also understand and communicate in Malayalam and Tamil. However, this shy lad seems to be more of a listener than a talker.
Across India, in every city, there are designated spots where skilled and unskilled workers wait to be picked up by contractors for a day's wages. These are daily age workers with skills like plumbing, etc., waiting for work. 
Name: Rajendra Prasad 
Where from? Uttaranchal 
Works as a Security Guard.
Labourers from Bihar working at a construction site in Bangalore.
Name: Priya/Peeya. 
Where from? Manipur. 

Wannabe Chef. Works at Hotel Empire as a kitchen hand
A boy from Mysore works on the street making curtains from bamboo strips.
Name: Mangal Singh Yadav. 
From: Agra, UP.
Why? To sell these dolls he makes.
Mangal Singh Yadav has been selling these dolls for 40 years now. He started out from outside Red Fort in Delhi. During the Indira Gandhi regime, when pavement sellers were cleared, he moved to Mumbai. After a long stint there, he is now in Bangalore. However his family members, including his grown up sons, are in Agra.
Name: Veeresh. 
Where from? Kurnool, AP. 
 He's here to do any work. Right now he works for a person who makes traditional Indian sieves that operates from a footpath. 

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