Mumbaicha Raja Kaun? Who's the King of Mumbai?

Localities of Mumbai, fight it out with caps for "who is the real king of Mumbai?" at Chowpatty Beach during the annual Ganesh Idol immersion.

Mumbaicha Raja Kaun? Who is the King of Mumbai?
Ganesh Chaturti is Mumbai city's most important religious festival. People buy and worship clay images of the elephant headed Lord Ganesh and communities come together install large Idols called Sarvjanik Ganesh or Everybody's/Community Ganesh Idol. After a few days, the idols are then immersed in the sea or nearest water body with much fanfare.

Chowpatty Beach in South Mumbai is one of the most popular immersion spots. Thousands of people come along with their idols and immerse it in the sea. The idols represent a locality in the city and the largest and the holiest is called Lalbadcha Raja or The King Of Lalbagh.

However, the idols from other localities are no less majestic. And the people who collected money, saved and built the idols are proud of the fact. In fact, there's a stiff competition among the localities for having the most majestic idol.

One of the unique features of the Ganesh Chaturti in 2010 was the way the traditional cotton cap, popularly called as the Gandhi or Nehru cap, was used by the people as a territorial marking. Each locality had their name printed with the suffix, Raja or King. From the famous Lalbaghcha Raja to Kamathipuracha Raja. And the way the people flaunted their territorial marking.

But who is the real Raja or Mumbai? Mumbaicha Raja Kaun?

Western Railway-cha Raja
Lower Parel-cha Raja
Kamathipura-cha Raja
Ganesh Galli
Ganesh Galli
Tulsiwadicha Maharaja (Great King!)
CP Tank
And finally. One for all. The Mumbai Raja!

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